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LINN DE LANGE is an Oslo-based artist originally from Bergen. She works with various artistic media, but mainly with drawing. Through her work, she explores the human condition through subtle means – that which has been forgotten, inaccessible or tangible – from the melancholy to the outright morbid. Exclusion, human nature and sensitivity are recurring themes.


A-laget, Summer exhibition

Galleri A

15.06.2023 - 20.08.2032

A-laget, Christmas exhibition

Galleri A
08.12.2022 - 15.01.2023


The world we made
Galleri Schaeffers gate

03.05.2023 - 14.05.2023

Empathy - a fundraising art exhibition in sympathy with Ukraine
Galleri Schaeffers gate

17.03 - 20.03, 2022

Oppistua Åsprong, Meisingset, group exhibition, 

07.08 - 9.08, 2020

Cancelled because of the Corona virus:
Cyan galleri, group exhibition, 12.03 - 15.03, 2020


Nordre Aker Budstikke


Aftenposten Bolig

Edition 09.10.2021

ALTSÅ magasin

One of the featured artists in edition 7, 2021

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